Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes

Welcome to my Pregnancy Yoga page.  Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether this is your first time or second, third or fourth child, you have come to the right place.

I have been teaching pregnancy yoga for 7 years since my own pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl.  Keeping up my yoga practice and adapting it was extremely helpful during pregnancy birth and early motherhood.

Physical Benefits

Pregnancy Yoga has many fantastic benefits.  Practising pregnancy yoga can help you keep both stable and mobile.  In these classes we look at specially adapted yoga for both strength and flexibility.

 & We also look at common postural adaptations so to bring awareness to how we sit, move and stand. So this can help you find more helpful movement patterns, helping to prevent or ease common aches and pains.

Breathing and relaxation

In pregnancy yoga classes we look the physiology of breathing and how this changes in reaction to stress. As baby’s growing pressure on the diaphragm can impede breathing, classes include different breath connections.  As we practice  gentle breathing practices, these help heighten our awareness of our own breath.  Different breath practices can help energise or trigger the relaxation response.

Hypnobirthing & Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

Classes always end in a lovely nurturing deep relaxation. I am trained in integrative hypnosis for birth (Creative Calm with Janine Hurley)  In classes we look at how hypnobirthing can help during labour. Pregnancy Yoga classes also include some techniques.  Both deep relaxation and hypnobirthing work in the same way, triggering the deep rest and digest response.  These practices can be extremely helpful during labour and birth to remain more calm and to manage the surges.

Time to connect to bump and other mums to be

Classes provide a friendly warm environment for you to have some time for yourself to enjoy your pregnancy. Pregnancy Yoga also offers a safe place for connecting with your baby to be. Classes are social and allow time for you to meet other mums. So we often enjoy a cuppa or lunch together after class.

Please contact me these popular classes which currently run on Saturdays at 9.20-10.30 am at the lovely Shore Studio overlooking the sea. I have a maximum of 11 women in class so I can be attentive to you all.  I look forward to sharing part of this wonderful journey with you.

Amba Yoga Empowering you for Birth workshops

Aim to do just this, to empower you and your partner with confidence and knowledge to help you birth with awareness and assurance.  Fun and informative sessions. Spaces are limited to 6 couples and are bookable in advance.

We cover active birth positions, how to reduce anxiety and connect to calm and space within us.  We look at the role of breath, including learning helpful practices.  We use integrative hypnosis to hypnobirth baby and relaxation techniques and basic massage. These tools are extremely helpful in managing surges and the more intense sensations during labour.  Handouts, hynobirthing audios and relaxations included.

£45 per couple

Next workshops Sunday 27 October & 24 November from 11-2 at Urban Shanti, The Sovereign Centre, Boscombe.

Please enquire for further 2019/2020 dates.

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If you wish to know more about anything you've read here, feel free to email or phone and ask me!

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