About Yoga

Yoga is a holistic approach to caring for the body and mind using breath, relaxation and meditation. Yoga can be practised for reasons of general physical fitness and well being through to an interest in meditation and self development.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes usually include a combination of Yoga postures (Asana’s), Pranayama (breath control) and relaxation and meditation.

In class we practice Yoga Asana’s in a very mindful way.  This involves developing attention to the quality of the movement, so as to encourage a deeper listening and resting. 

What to expect in class

I aim to help you explore a sense of both stablity and mobility in your body.

I guide you to connect to your deep postural muscles, sometimes known as the core. So in class we learn to align our own spine for better breath, posture and ease of movement.

I also draw on somatic sensory embodied movement practices. This wonderful system can teach you how to re-educate and change habituated tension which may have been held for some time due to our stored reactions to life stressors.

Classes also include attention to how we are breathing. I aim to educate you to notice how the breath feels and responds to different mental states. We explore how the breath can be helpful as a tool for both awareness and for helping restore balance.

Classes usually include some practices for the mind or meditation (sometimes known as Raja Yoga) or in other traditions, mindfulness. In my experience this is one of practicing yoga’s greatest gifts, to tune us into our own stillness.  In this field of awareness we can more objectively observe our thought patterns which can lead to feeling more peaceful and understanding.

My teachers

I am grateful for all my teachers.  My basic and intermediate training was from Integral Yoga, a traditional school of Yoga founded by Swami Satchidinanda. I trained under the guidance of Rowan Cobelli http://rowancobelli.com/yoga-teacher-training This school of yoga brings the entire philosophy of yoga and the various branches of Raja (meditation) karma yoga (self less service), Bhakti Yoga (Devotion) and Jnana Yoga (knowledge of Self). I then went on to study the approaches of Vanda Scaravelli.  Scaravelli inspired approaches helped me begin the journey in a slower more embodied awareness within yoga and have taught me much about working more from freshness and authenticity in my own practice. This was with the Integrity School of Yoga https://www.dotbowenyoga.com/teacher-development

I have also attended numerous workshops over the years. More than these I have learnt from my own practice, sometimes the hard way, what suits my body. From working through sometimes repetitive pain and injury in my earlier years, I now bring that extra sensitivity to those I guide. I have also learnt so much from teaching my various students over the years.

Current Hatha Yoga Classes

Mondays – BHLive Queens Park – available to members and non members 11-12.30 pm & from 12.30-2 pm – Booking via https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/queens-park/

Thursdays –

BHLive Stokewood Road 8.15-9.15 am – please book via https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/stokewood-leisure-centre/

Pavilion Dance Southwest – Yoga for over 50s – 12.30-1.30 pm please book via https://www.pdsw.org.uk/shows/over-50s-yoga/

Saturdays – Shore Studio overlooking the sea – 8-9.10 am – Please contact me to check availability. You can find the studio here:  http://shorepilates.co.uk/contact-us/

Get In Touch

If you wish to know more about anything you've read here, feel free to email or phone and ask me!

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