Yoga Classes

Descriptions of the classes are at the bottom of the page 🙂


Pregnancy Yoga

6 pm for pre class chat. Yoga 6.15-7.15pm (includes birth preparation)

Community Space, Tesco Riverside


Yoga for those affected by cancer

1.30 – 2.30pm (by self or Consultant referral)

The Village Hotel


Scaravelli inspired Yoga

6.45 – 8pm

Community Space, Tesco Riverside

​Mum and Baby Post Natal Yoga

10.30 – 11.15am followed by cuppa and social until midday

Community Space, Tesco Riverside


Yoga Hatha and Integrative Movement


BHLive – Stokewood Leisure Centre, Winton

Mum and Baby Post Natal Yoga

10.30 – 11.15pm

Pavilion Dance Southwest, Bournemouth


Private appointments available


Scaravelli inspired Yoga & integrated movement


Shore Studio, Southbourne

​Pregnancy Yoga

10.30 – 11.15am followed by cuppa and social until midday

Shore Studio, Southbourne


Scaravelli inspired Yoga


BHLive – Stokewood Leisure Centre

Scaravelli inspired Yoga & Integrative Movement

Hatha yoga combined with helpful movement and joint preparation, with influences from a Scaravelli approach where the emphasis is on using sensory feeling, gravity, breath, the body’s wisdom to find connection and space and to integrate the spine and whole body in postures. All classes include exploration, development of both physical and Self awareness and are meditative in their approach. Classes are suitable for every one including beginners and those with health challenges as options are given for all abilities.

Pregnancy Yoga

Suitable following the first 12 week scan to delivery.
Pregnancy can be a wonderful time (albeit also a challenging time as your body adapts to growing a baby). Pregnancy yoga provides gentle movement and postures suitable for each stage to help prevent or ease aches and pains, maintain strength, enable gentle flexibility and nurture mums to be with breath linked movement, helping to relax and de-stress. Guidance is given on useful practices for labour, such as integrative hypnosis, birth positions using gravity, breath, relaxation techniques and connecting into pregnancy and baby to be. Classes are sociable and group friendships strongly encouraged through social meet ups and social media links.

Mum and baby post natal Yoga

Suitable from 6 weeks post GP midwife check until babies are crawling (allow 2-3 months post section delivery).
Mums and baby yoga provides a lovely opportunity for mum and babies to exercise together. Although the yoga is focused on mum and helping her restore and integrate her core and pelvic floor, playful gentle baby massage if offered for baby to get involved too. Babies can be incorporated into some movements also and I enjoy amusing them so mums can relax. Classes are informal, friendly and based around you and baby’s needs that day. Classes are sociable and often enjoy cake and tea after class, reuniting with friends from pregnancy yoga or meeting new ones.

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