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 Hello and welcome to my website.

I  simply love Yoga and how it enhances peoples lives. I have been teaching and practising for many years and am a 5000 hour Registered Yoga Elder with a wealth of experience and care to bring to the practice.


Yoga can be strong and connective, supporting the body’s innate structural wisdom, yet be gentle enough to support recovery from injury or help older adults stay mobile. I am trained in somatic movement which is a wonderful system for helping with mobility, restoring function & decreasing pain.

 I offer both general yoga and special yoga classes for older adults, for pregnant mums, mum and baby-yoga and family classes.

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 About Yoga


Yoga is both an ancient discipline and a modern science of mind and body. The practices offer a holistic approach to caring for yourself which can be integrated into a busy daily life.  Yoga can be practised simply to become more flexible, mobile and strong or to help with calming a busy mind and  to find more connection to inner peace, space and silence. 

Yoga offers an inclusive approach for every-body.


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Specialised Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga helps strengthen your body, calm your mind and give you the confidence to approach your pregnancy and birth with assurance.

Mum & Baby Post Natal Yoga

Mum and baby yoga includes especially adapted post natal yoga focusing on gentle progressive strength exercises to reintegrate core strength and stability.

Why Amba Yoga

I can give you the best of my 15 years experience and knowledge to adapt the classes for you. The yoga is fully accessible and I offer many creative options to practice in a way that suits you best.  

The yoga I offer is fully embodied, in that you are encouraged to journey into how you feel in each position, to become fully aware of what is happening within your mind and body. This naturally leads onto developing more awareness of how you move, breathe, sit and stand and a natural evolution into feeling better and moving with more ease.

We work with body and mind using relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and somatic awareness to become present to ourselves. I interweave helpful philosophy for today’s world.

The yoga I guide can be strong and connective however is also deeply restful at times, helping to balance the nervous system.  I have experience of working with pain, anxiety and depression.


All current classes are ONLINE

Please see times & information under specialist classes

Pregnancy Yoga

£32 for 4 sessions in a row or £10 drop in
Please note that classes are now being offered on a sliding scale from free for those in financial hardship due to the current situation or to whom classes are not usually affordable, up to a donation up to the normal class price.

Please contact me accordingly to receive online links and donation account details.

General Yoga varies according to venue

Shore Studio £48 for 6 weeks, £10 drop in subject to space

BHLive offer membership or PAYG

Pavillion Dance PAYG

 One to one yoga sessions are £40 per session (discounted if booking more than 2)

Mum & baby yoga

£6 per session Wednesdays 
Please contact me for booking links and to check availability.

Family online Yoga

Donation only (suggested £5 per family), free if in financial hardship


Get In Touch

Feel free to email or phone and ask any questions.

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