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Yoga for ‘Every-Body’

Hi, I’m Amba, a down-to-earth mum based in Southbourne, Bournemouth. I teach Yoga that anyone can take-part in and benefit from and specialise in one to one and small group classes, with expertise in helping with pain and anxiety and depression.

Yoga can work you hard, to help core strength and agility, yet be gentle enough to support recovery from injury or help older adults stay mobile.

I also run special yoga classes for pregnant mums, pre-natal, post-natal and mum & baby yoga.

Beginners Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga

One to one Yoga

Hatha Yoga & Scaravelli inspired

Children’s Yoga

Birth preparation


Antenatal workshops

About Yoga

Yoga encompasses great health benefits, bringing with it physical strength, progressive flexibility and feelings of wellbeing and calm.

The true meaning of Yoga is the unite, this means different things to different people. Uniting mind with body, mind with Self, bringing our body and mind to a state of union. The meditative aspect of yoga can help to develop more self awareness and recognition of our sense of self beyond body and everyday awareness of thoughts and conditioning. This for me is one of yoga’s greatest tools, to tune into something much more vast and to deepen this understanding and connection, both on and off the mat, whilst honouring the humanness that we all are.

Whatever your reason for practicing yoga, whether for health reasons or to experience meditation in movement or to connect to inner calm and peace, I hope the practice can help you find what you are looking for

Why Amba Yoga

I’ve practised yoga for many years and I balance my yoga practice with a normal, busy life including family and work. I understand that life can be stressful and know how even a bit of yoga and inner exploration and stillness can provide valuable time to switch off, find rest, restore energy levels and provide inner sanctuary.

Amba Yoga classes in Bournemouth and my whole approach take this into account, offering gentle introductions, and achievable movements designed around you. I do not believe there is a particular posture to master or a position to get into. Classes are ‘Scaravelli inspired’ – which is a yoga of slowness and connection rather than speed or force. In this way students are encouraged to listen deeply within themselves, to observe healthy and not so healthy tensions, to learn to work with their body in a way that feels good and nurturing. It is especially suitable for people with anxiety, depression, pain or other ongoing health issues as it is a yoga which focuses on promoting the rest and digest and healing relaxation response.

This is a yoga that works with awareness of the spine to fully integrate good spinal health in the postures and in doing so, there can be a greater awareness of the deep postural muscles and what helps establish a healthy optimal breath.  I draw not just on yoga but on other movement disciplines that I have found particularly helpful in more fully inhabiting my body.

Get In Touch

Please contact me to find out whether there is space as sometimes classes are full with a waiting list. Classes are in Bournemouth unless stated otherwise. Classes are bookable in advance although some drop ins may be available on the day.

Contact Amba


9 + 15 =


Pregnancy & general Hatha

£30 for 4 sessions in a row
£48 for 6 (one session can be missed with this option)
£10 drop in subject to space

One to ones are £35 per hour, discounted to 2 for £60, 3 for £80 and 4 or more for £25 per lesson, arranged at your home or a nearby studio

Mum & baby yoga

£6 per session Wednesdays (bookable at the beginning of each month)
£4 drop in at Pavilion Dance.
Please check availability first.

Feel free to email and ask any questions, book by using the form opposite or contact me, Amba Cooper, by phone: 07866 053360

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